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My story

In 2010 I found my calling as Craniosacral Therapist. It has profoundly changed me as well as my life as I knew it.


Earlier that year I was faced with a very sick, colicky horse. Not knowing what to do, I placed my hands on its flank and began palpating the tissue and connecting with its energy by opening my heart (what I now know as getting to a state of heart coherence). What happened next was a beautiful exchange, between me and the horse (on some energetic level) and she began to relax. When I later learned that she fully recovered, I was deeply moved and felt immense gratitude. I knew then that this was a path I needed to follow. That same year I discovered Craniosacral Therapy. Three years later, I received my certification from the Upledger Institute, a health resource centre recognized world-wide for its excellent education programs and producing well qualified therapists.​


Craniosacral Therapy has served me well as a foundation to develop my skills. What started out as a pure body-focused therapy with specific techniques to relieve physical conditions has evolved in a multi-dimentional way of healing, integrating the three levels of Being: body, mind & spirit.

Over the years, I have learned to read what is happening under my hands to show me where the body is not in coherence. Through my own unique personal and spiritual process, an extra dimension slowly started to emerge and I began to recognize that there was another layer to what I was sensing through my hands. A beautiful combination of body work and energy work started to emerge. 

I now know how to locate blockages in the body, that have their origine in the subconscious mind (incoherent thought patterns and negatief belief systems). By bringing these to the conscious mind, we will become aware of them and can start the process of forgiving and healing them.

As a therapist, I am not separate from you. It is not "I" who is healing "you". You are connected to a source energy that possesses all the intelligence and information to heal you on every level of being. I am only walking alongside you for a short period of time on your unique journey of awakening, healing and growth. This, I experience as a privilege and I am humbly grateful to all who allow me to walk with them and witness their unique awakening into who they really are.



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