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Wat is craniosacraal therapie

What is Cranialsacral Therapy


Craniosacral Therapy finds its origin in osteopathy. However, Craniosacral Therapy focusses mainly on fascial mobility in the soft tissues around the brain and spinal cord and the osseous structures surrounding it (the cranial bones, the spine, sacrum and pelvis). Using subtle techniques and a soft touch, generally no greater than 5 grams (or the weight of a nickel), restrictions are removed from these tissues and fascial tension is reduced. This allows the body to relax and self-correct. As a result, this therapy is deeply relaxing. After a session, you will feel balanced, rested and rejuvenated.


Physical conditions can usually be traced back to an identifiable cause, such as an accident, injury or illness. These conditions will result in discomfort, pain and less mobility. Conventional medicine will mainly focus on the removal of the symptom(s) that cause the pain and discomfort, but the emotional / psychological aspect is generally not addressed. That aspect is usually treated separately, yet our mind and our body are interconnected and cannot be separated.


Craniosacral Therapy is also a holistic form of bodywork, which means that the person is seen as a whole consisting of body, mind and spirit and that symptoms and conditions are not treated on their own, but simultaneously. We don't just look at the symptom, but also at the root cause and the underlying emotional/psychological piece. On the one hand our physical condition or illness can cause fear, worry, frustration, anger and sadness, but the other way around is equally true. When we experience excessive stress through emotions such as worry, fear, guilt, shame, resentment and anger on a daily basis, this can end up making us sick, causing illnesses, diseases and cancers. It is often a vicious cycle, because in both instances there is a stress response in the body.


When tension and restrictions are being removed from the fascia and released, the underlying emotions and psychological stress often come into our awareness. In other words we become conscious of them. The condition is physical, but the root cause lies much deeper.  Becoming conscious of these deeper emotions, traumas and psychological stresses as well as experiences that have not yet been fully processed, creates not only a physical release, but also an energetic one. This release in turn creates space for something new to emerge, namely a higher and more coherent energy for the body to use in order to self-correct and heal, as well as more freedom of being to create and manifest a new future for yourself.


In Craniosacral Therapy we believe that the body has an innate intelligence and wisdom that knows how to heal itself. It will always try to bring itself back to a state of homeostasis (balance) and perfection. A craniosacral therapist is no more than an extension and vehicle of this self-healing ability, following the tissue where it needs to go instead of trying to force it to conform to human knowledge, beliefs and egos.


During a session, while working with the body, we will locate where in the subconscious mind you might be blocked. When we bring a deeper awareness to what is happening in your body and locate the stress that is held there, it shifts our relationship to it. Rather than blaming our bodies for failing us and resisting what presents itself in the present moment (the pain, illness, less mobility), we begin to understand that it is not our bodies that are to blame, but traumas from the past and our negative beliefs about ourselves, about others and the world around us, which have become programmed into our subconscious mind. 

We might have an subconscious belief that we are not good enough, that we are unable to succeed, that we are not lovable, that we will never get that dream job/house/relationship/family. But is this the truth or just a story we were told by our primary caregivers when we were young or stories we have told ourselves? From that negative story, we will develop coping, protecting and surviving mechanisms, such as over-achieving, perfectionism, pleasing, avoiding confrontation, becoming invisible, fear of... you name it. And the more these stories become ingrained, the more we become removed from our true authentic self. 


Healing occurs when we start to see the patterns, when we understand them and when we forgive ourselves and those who have done us wrong and caused us physical, emotional and spiritual harm. Healing occurs when we learn to be kind to ourselves, when we include ourselves in the equation and when we ask ourselves by everything we do, say or think: is this loving to myself?

When you find yourself reading this, congratulate yourself. This means you are waking up and recognizing that the old ways of being are no longer working for you. This means that spirit is stirring stuff up. It means that you are evolving!

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