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Rates and plans

Your condition did not start overnight. Chances are it took years and years of subconscious beliefs, patterns and programming to shape you into who you are today with the conditions you experience right now. Therefore, it would not be realistic to go to a therapist and expect to be healed or that your subconscious patterns change in just one session. Although you will most likely see changes after the first session, if you don't change your inner environment, these changes are not lasting. If you are serious about changing your condition and thus changing your life, you need to be deeply committed to your journey. True change happens when you commit and follow through.

My focus and commitment is to provide lasting results, which is why I recommend a minimum of 5 to 6 sessions to start to open your awareness and begin the process of healing on all levels. However, when you have an acute physical condition that needs immediate attention, you might find that 3 sessions will bring relief and healing. If you have chronic, debilitating pain and/or want to dive deep into your condition and change your patterns and belief systems, the10 session plan would be the minimum investment in yourself and your future happiness. 

The most challenging question is: how much is your health and happiness worth and are you willing to invest in yourself?

Single sessions are €85 and each session is 75 minutes long.

I understand that a 10 session package may be a big investment, which is why I offer it at a great discount and the possibility to pay in two installments.

3 Sessions


Valid for 6 months

Commitment #1

5 Sessions


Valid for 6 months

Commitment #2

10 Sessions


Valid for 1 year

Commitment #3

Please complete the intake form below and bring it with you to your first session.

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