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Meeting challenges

Personal challenges can prevent us from seeing things clearly. We may then try to solicit the help and advice of others; people we trust and respect. But answers can never be found outside of ourselves, no matter how knowledgeable or helpful people are. Everything we experience is a reflection of our inner believes and perceptions. Therefore the answers to that which we experience as challenging on the outside can always be found inside. We must go to the root belief we hold about ourselves, and the way we view the world around us. A talented Cranio practitioner can help us find these answers by listening to the signals which the tissues and rhythm are providing. These signals will guide your therapist to help you by way of questioning and dialoguing with you to (what I call) a therapeutic end point. This is the point where the core belief originates, this is where everything starts to fall into place and where we find our answers. If a Cranio practitioner does her job well and remains neutral and present, we will come to understand the challenge at a deep level. Not just an intellectual level, but a deep inner knowing. This provides us with the opportunity to look at it objectively and from a distance. This distance is pure space. And it is in this space that we find the answers.

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