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Understanding childhood wounds

“Our sorrows and wounds are healed only when we touch them with compassion.” ~ Buddha

When we begin to recognize that our hurtful actions toward ourselves and others are derived from deep (childhood) wounding, we begin to see that we are not bad people, merely wounded people. We begin to accept that we do hurtful things not out of malice, but because we perceive that we are being hurt, which triggers a response that says we need to protect ourselves and lash out, either in words or deeds. Once we go deeper within, either on our own through meditation, or with the help of a (craniosacral or other) therapist, we can begin to understand such wounding, where it originated and how it triggers us to lash out. It is then that healing begins. We start to understand that what happened in the past is not happening now. The people in our lives are not our mothers, fathers who abandoned us or couldn't love us the way we needed. Furthermore, we are not 2 years old anymore; we can now defend ourselves, speak up and walk away if we need to. When we start to understand the deeper layers of our wounding, we will begin to feel compassion for ourselves and we can slowly start to forgive ourselves for who we are or who we have become. It is this compassion and forgiveness which starts us on the road to healing and self-love.

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